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Dala Rooster – Photogallery

Dala Rooster – the bungalow

Styled classically and set amidst the scenic hills of Panchgani, Dala Rooster is a luxurious 6 bedroom imposing estate overlooking the valley.

Dala Rooster – Exterior

The greenscapes of the estate are aesthetically layed over with seasonal blooms covering its expanse almost throughout the year.

Dala Rooster – Interior

Warm and serene the living areas of dala rooster offer a perfect setting for to relax and unwind.
The bungalow is fully furnished and is equipped with the latest gadgets to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Views from Dala Rooster

All the rooms including the dining area and the living room offer breathtaking views, much more appreciated during the monsoon season when the Bhilar waterfall is visible in its full glory.

Surround yourself with elegant and cosy ambience while enjoying the beautiful views and panoramic hills. We make your stay at Dala Rooster totally tranquil and peaceful.